• Average weight 32 lbs for billet crank, about 4 pounds lighter than OEM
  • 8 counterweight design
  • 4340 steel certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
  • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified by Callies
  • Cryotreatment performed by Callies
  • 88mm,94mm,100mm Strokes available
  • Aeroshed Polishing (Pictured Above) Available for an additional $300
  • Lightweight Version.

Callies Performance 4G63 Billet Crankshaft

SKU: SPL-Callies4GB-CrankShft
  • The Aeroshed Polishing creates a super smooth surface on the crankshaft counter-weights that makes retaining oil very difficult, hence keeping the engine oil in the pan where it belongs.  Another big benefit gained from this treatment is less aeration of the oil since the smooth counter-weights do not hit the oil vapors in the crankcase but rather "cut" through them, leaving the oil less likely to froth and freeing up some horsepower!