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Cylinder heads


Whether you are looking to do a mild cylinder head rebuild due to a head gasket failure, or worn valve guides, or you are looking to maximize your cylinder head for every bit of horsepower we have you covered! 


Please check the drop down menu carefully and chose which options you would like to add.


Our stage 2 cylinder head includes the same components as the stage 1 cylinder head, however we hand pocket port our stage 2 cylinder heads, this process makes a very smooth transition from the cast part of the cylinder head to the machined valve seat, which increase velocity and hence power, the humps on the intake and exhaust ports are also ground down and polished. This is recommended for anyone that is making or has a goal of making 800+ whp!


For an additional $550.00 Stainless Steel O-Rings can be added to help seal the combustion chamber under high boost/ high RPM operation. This is recommended for anyone running 40+ psi of boost, and is only applicable to the 4G63 cylinder heads


Please note, the 4B11 Cylinder head package costs $200.00 Extra due to the solid lifters/buckets that have to be adjusted to each cam lobe, the extra labor required to properly do the job is the reason for this price increase.


Valve springs can also be upgraded/added at an additional cost, We only use the following valve springs in our cylinder head builds.


·    GSC 5041 Beehive Valve springs + Ti Retainers + $380

·    Kiggly Race Only Valve springs + Retainers + $400.00 


We recommend the 5041 beehive valvesprings for applications that will not see over 40 psi of boost, the 5041 beehives provide very good seat pressure and are gentle on the valve train.


The Kiggly Race Only valve spring kit is for 45+ Psi of boost applications and offers a great amout of seat pressure that can be hard on the valve train in the long run, so it is only recommended if you really need it in your application!


Customer Supplied cylinder head core required, If you do not have a cylinder head to provide as a core, a new core can be provided to you at an additional cost.


The cost of return shipping is included in the cylinder head package


Base cost: $2300.00

Stainless O-Ring’s $550.00


·    GSC STD Intake Valves

·    GSC STD Super Alloy Exhaust Valves

·    GSC Viton Valve Seals

·    .GSC Bronze Stopper Style Valve Guides

·    Resurfacing Of Cylinder Head To Smooth RA (Roughness Average)

·    .3 Angle Performance Valve Job

·    Spring Height adjustment

·    Optional Valve Spring Upgrade

·    Hot Tank And Pressure Washing Of Cylinder Head


SPL Cylinder head packages Stage2

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