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Eliminate the extra bends of the factory upper intercooler piping with our 3" Intercooler piping kit, the 3" design frees up some horsepower, while the reduction of bends provides a smooth path for the pressurized air to follow, 15-20+ whp gains can be seen on stock turbo applications by using this kit in conjunction with out 3" Speed Density intake kit that eliminated the Mass Air Flow sensor and allows for obstruction free air flow into the turbocharger!
Included in the kit:
.6061 Aluminum 
.4 Ply high quality silicone couplers
.GM Iat bung (Can be capped and have fuel temp sensor used on stock ECU applications)
.Tial BOV Flange 
.Clears the ACD pump and reservoir the most symmetrical design on the market.
This kit requires a mini battery kit, or a battery relocation to the trunk, the STM Mini Battery kit can be added from the drop down menu below!
Our 3" Speed Density Intake kit with K&N Filter can be added from the drop down menu below!
GM Iat sensor and pre-made IAT harness that plugs into the MAF sensor connector can be purchased through the drop down menu below!
Tial BOV can be purchased from the drop down menu below (Please send us an email with the desired color blow off valve after you have completed your purchase)
This kit ships free to the lower 48!

Evo 7/8/9 SPL 3" Upper intercooler piping kit

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