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Evo X SPL/Hypertune PnP Adaptor Loom + Gateway and ECU bundle






*Only available for manual variant





* CAN box

* EVO adapter box

* 1:1 looms



After lots of questions from people all over the world, we have finally decided to come up with a solution that will allow almost ANY ECU with a CAN data stream to be fitted into late model cars that we have reverse engineered.


We have developed a CAN Gateway device that handles all bi-directional communication between aftermarket ECU's and factory OEM systems.



First cab off the rank is our popular EVO X plugin ...

This means that you can install your choice of aftermarket ECU: *Haltech




into your EVO X and maintain all of the factory functionality, with no dash lights etc.


Our bundle includes a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU, feel free to add a WB1 kit, MAP and Pressure sensors and our custom pigtails for each of these sensors for a full plug and play application!



Want to make it a FULL kit to monitor all the engine vitals? Make it a full PnP Kit from the drop down menu!


This adds:


Bosch WB1 CAN Wideband kit

1x Haltech10 bar Oil pressure sensor

1x Haltech 10 bar Fuel pressure sensor

1x Haltech 5 bar MAP sensor

1x Haltech Flex fuel sensor kit

SPL Milspec Pigtails for all 4 sensors.


$1470 to add this bundle


Evo X PNP Kit

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