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Hand crafted in the states to ensure the best fitment, sound and quality




.304 Stainless steel

.Fully Back Purged

.100% Bolt On Installation

.Optional Vibrant Streetpower Muffler


Our 3" Cat-Back center exit dual tip exhaust utilizes the factory hangars, making the installation breeze. This comes standard with the 2 bolt OEM style donut gasket flange, but should be specified in the drop down if you will be running this with our Catted down-pipe + Mid-pipe combo, this will in turn be a V-Band flange at the Mid-pipe section.


The rear seciton is V-Band, allowing for easy shipment, ease of install, and allowing us to fit a Vibrant muffler for anyone that wants to quiet down the system a bit for an extra charge!


Gain power and torque by reducing the back pressure and allowing the engine to breathe more freely. 


This can be used on its own, or can be paired up with our EcuTek calibration for even bigger power gains!

GR Corolla Cat-Back Exhaust

Expect shipment by Friday the 16th of Febuary
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