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Our GR Corolla Mail In ECU Service! 


Simply unplug the 3 ECU connectors, unbolt the ECU and ship it to us! We offer a one day turn around once the ECU is in our possession.


Gains of over 35 whp / 55 wtq on Pump (91/93 Oct)

Gains of over 45 whp/ 68wtq on E40 Mix


The stock GRC Baselines at about 271/265 tq

Our 91 Octane tune makes 285/303 tq (BIG gains in the mid range)

Our E40 Tune makes 315/319 tq (BIG gains in the mid range)


These gains were with zero modifications, exausts, intakes, intercoolers will help make even more power, please do specify your exact modifications via email after your order. The ecu gets shipped back the same day we recieve it, and each ECU is insured to $5000 during shipment!


This price includes the Ecutek Credits needed to licence and flash the ECU, and the bluetooth interface (Which will allow you to log, change maps etc once Ecutek releases phone flash for this platfrom, which would be in the following months)


More information about the calibrations:


.91/93 Octane runs 29-30 psi of boost, careful consideration and precautiosn have been taken to ensure the engine is not sustaining knock even running these boost levels. The peak power gains are incredible as can be seen in the pictures above. Green line is our 91 octane tune, VS the yellow line that is the stock calibration. Power is up EVERYWHERE in the powerband/RPM Range.


.E40 Mix, this calibration run approx 30-31 psi of boost, again absolutely knock free, and the extra octane allows us to add some ignition timing advance and hence wake up the car even more! This is the perfect calibration for those that want to modify their GRC even further down the line, with full bolt ons, this will net you close to 350whp! 


It is recommended to add an ethanol content gauge to be able to track your mixture, (Down to E35 and up to E45 is fine). You can also use an online calculator to determine your exact etanol level. For instance, 3 gallons of 91 Octane, and 2 gallons of E85 will give you E38 on an empty tank!


Overnight/expedited shipping options are avaialbe, just let us know in an email after your order is placed!

GR Corolla EcuTek Stage 1 91/93 Octane / E40 Mix Calibration

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