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Available for the 4G63 and 4B11 applications.


Available in both S2 and S3 Profiles.


  • Forged billet core
  • Made 100% in the USA


Evo 8/9

  • S2's 400-700 WHP applications, Designed for a rev range of 4000-9000 RPMs
  • S3 cams are meant for 700+ WHP

Evo X

  • Designed for those with 600+ HP in mind. Gains of 40-80 WHP, rev range of 3800-8500 RPMs
  • Designed for those with 800+ HP in mind, rev range of 4500-9500 RPMs


NOTE: Upgraded valve springs and retainers required for both S2 & S3 Camshafts to avoid valve float. 

GSC Billet Camshafts