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SpeedLab Mil-Spec/Motorsport grade Sensor Pigtail


Wiring sensors into your aftermarket ECU? We have made this a very easy task with our SpeedLab Motorsport grade sensor connector pigtails, Crafted with 22/24 Gauge Tefzel wire, industry standard for all high performance motorsport applications, the wires used are extremely heat resistant making it a great solution for routing these pigtails pretty much anywhere in the engine bay, Raychem DR-25 is then used as a heat shrink which ensures the wires can easily be routed without having to worry about fatigue to the harness, we also color code each pigtail to make it easier for you to know which wire is for which sensor when pinning into the ECU! We finish these off with high quality GT150 3P Connector and a RB290 Boot to make for an extremely clean and professional finish.


Sensors that can be wired with our Pigtail kit:

.Map sensors

.Oil/Fuel/Water pressure sensors

.Flex fuel sensors

.IAT Sensors (2 wire, same components and price, different connector is used)

.Turbo Speed Sensors


NOTE: Please send us an email after placing your order with sensor information so the proper color coding can be applied to the pigtail, along with the required length of the pigtail! 4 feet of wire is included, $10 per additional per feet, up to 10 feet!



Tefzel 22/24 gauge wire

.DR-25 Raychem 1/8” heat shrink

.RB290 Rubber boot

.GT150 3P Connector

.Color coded heat shrink



$110 Per Pigtail

$10 per additional feet over 4 feet, up to 10 FT

SpeedLab Mil-Spec/Motorsport grade Sensor Pigtail

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