SPL-900 4G63 Long Rod 2.0 Engine Package

Rated Horsepower: 800+

Maximum RPM: 9500


The SPL900 4G63 Evo 8/9 Engine package has been developed through extensive R&D and we are proud to offer one of the best engine programs on for this platform! No Expense is spared when it comes to our engine builds, only the best parts, industry leading top of the line machine work are used in these engine packages, and your engine is hand assembled by us in our engine clean room, and blue printed to our specific tolerences. 


Each engine block is bored and torque plate platou honed with ARP 625+ Head studs to our specific piston to wall clearances, The deck surface of the engine block is then milled to a very smooth RA (Roughness Average) Which provides an excellent seal for MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets. All of our blocks include ARP 2000 Grade main studs, and are line honed to ensure the main bearing tunnels are straight. Balance shaft bearings are then flipped to block off the oil feed supply, and our balance shaft delete kit is installed on your engine along with a brand new Mitsubishi OEM oil pump (Optional) Wrist pin clearance is set to our desired spec, and the connecting rod big ends are checked/adjusted for roundness. The rotating assembly is also fully balanced to within +/- 0.5 grams.


NOTE: A good block and crankshaft core are required, if you do not have good cores, we can supply you with a new block and crankshaft for an additional charge! 


NOTE: Customer is responsible for shipping costs!


NOTE: Aluminum Rods and block filling are recommended if you have a 900+ HP power goal in mind,


This Short Block Is Rated For 800+ WHP


Each Build Includes:

  1. SPL 9.5:1 Custom Diamond pistons
  2. H13 Tool Steel .225" wall wrist pins
  3. Dry Lubricant Coated Piston Skirts
  4. Total Seal Ring Packs W/Top AP Gas ported/coated ring
  5. Callies Ultra I-beam 156mm Connecting rods Including 7/16 ARP 18m Rod Bolts
  6. Micro-Polished OEM Crankshaft
  7. ARP 2000 Grade Main Studs
  8. King PmaxKote Main & Connecting Rod bearings
  9. King Thrust Bearings



SPL-900 4G63 Long Rod 2.0 Engine Package

  • Note: Lead time is currently 8-10 weeks from the day your engine is recieved.

    Note: It may be easier to email us at first before ordering to get your options all sorted out if you are not getting the base engine block package. Our email is Info@speedlabinc.com, and we typically respond within hours!