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The EASY solution to mount your Haltech ELITE series ECU, your WB1 kit, and if you opt for the large mount, a TC8, CAN hub, DCMD, and a PD16! (Customizable options) 


The Standard mount does NOT require any cutting or trimming, It does require you to remove the backing of your glove compartment, but makes for a very neat install. The large mount does require a bit of trimming, but can pretty much incorporate every item you can need from the Haltech catalog on your Evo 7/8/9! 


Both kits come with all necessary Allen head stainless hardware, and the necessary spacer to mount behind your glove box! 


Standard Mount $169.99

Large Mount $239.99


Color options (no extra charge) Wrinke black, Gloss black. 

SPL Evo 7/8/9 Haltech ECU Mount

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